Where to download code signing tools for Microsoft Authenticode (SignCode.exe or SignTool.exe)

by APIJunkie 3. January 2008 05:33

If you recently tried to look for the old SignCode.exe utility which lets you digitally sign code you might have hit a brick wall.

For some reason, it is not so easy anymore to find where the free code signing tools, for Microsoft Authenticode are located.

Many Microsoft links point to dead ends or missing url's.

The first thing you should know is that the latest code signing utility is called SignTool and is the successor of the old SignCode utility.

The Sign code utility is distributed through the .NET Framework SDK Version 1.0 and .NET Framework SDK Version 1.1.

The Sign tool utility is distributed through the Microsoft Platform SDK.

After you installed one of the above SDKs you can find the code Signing tool of your choice under the SDK's bin directory.



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Where to download code signing tools for Microsoft Authenticode


1/18/2008 11:22:24 AM #

Rob D.

The slightly newer Windows Server 2003 R2 edition SDK is here (full):

Or Web installer: www.microsoft.com/.../details.aspx

I had this installed but didn't do the full install. Had to re-run the install and add more components.

Rob D. United States

11/18/2008 11:42:53 AM #

Google Search User

This is a great tip - thank you!

Google Search User United States

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