The Silverlight game list on crosses the 50 game mark and changes format

by APIJunkie 14. September 2008 05:59

Silverlight girl has been maintaining a rapidly growing list of Silverlight games on for a couple of month now.

The list has recently passed the 50'th game mark. It seems like every day there is a new Silverlight game popping out there

and that there are some very promising talents that are trying to peruse game development on the Silverlight platform.

Because maintaining the list was getting out of hand has recently changed format.

One of the main changes is that any one can now easily submit new games and also rate and comment on the available games.

I hope you enjoy the new format and that the list will help raise awareness to Silverlight game development and what it can bring to the world of casual web based games.



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The Silverlight game list on crosses the 50 game mark

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I found a few months ago, the silverlight games on it are really impressive. its the first time to make feel that silverlight could write real apps Smile

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