3XH Silverlight high score and in game achievement API is now available to developers

by APIJunkie 27. November 2009 09:19

As we mentioned before we have been busy working on our new Silverlight in-game event system, code name 3XH. You can see it in action on our featured games section on Mashooo.com. The system allows Silverlight game developers to work with high scores and user achievements without the hassle of building and maintaining the framework and the system to support them. The system was in closed beta testing until now. We were working with a limited number of developers (Jeff Weber, David Lévesque, Daniel James and Ian Tomlinson) to fine tune the system.  We are happy to announce that as of today we are opening the 3XH developers program and the services it includes. All Silverlight game developers can now start using our new Silverlight high score and in game achievement system (3XH).

3XH highlights include:

1.       Flexible system to store/retrieve high scores, achievements and other game events.

2.       Ability to use the system on any web site.

3.       Multi login support (Facebook, OpenID, AOL, Yahoo, Google and more to come.)

4.       Current player information.

5.       Integrated Reward system to reward users for their game achievements.

6.       Managed prize bearing contests.

7.       100% Silverlight from the ground up and much more.

To participate in the program or to find out more information read the 3XH developers manual.

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3XH Silverlight HighScore and in game Achievement API is now available


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