Silverlight update KB982926 failure and solution

by APIJunkie 4. June 2010 23:29

I was doing the rounds and updating 2 machines, running XP Pro and 2003 Server, with Silverlight 3 run time pre installed on them. When the update was complete I couldn’t view any Silverlight based web sites with IE 8 on both machines.


I would only receive an install Silverlight message. It was as if Silverlight was not installed on the machines any more.


A quick check in the IE installed component list (Tools/Internet Options/Programs/Manage add-ons/Show all add-ons) showed me I was automatically upgraded to Silverlight 4 (Version 4.0.50524.0) which seems fine.


To solve the problem I did the following:


1. Went to


2. Pressed the install Silverlight button which crashed the installer (on npctrl.dll).


3. Restarted the browser at which point I got a message telling me I need to restart the browser again.


4. Restarted the browser for the second time which made Silverlight runtime and IE happy and willing to play together again.


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