Creating a Self-Signed Certificate for use with IIS on Windows Server 2003

by APIJunkie 25. June 2010 23:47

This is the second time I had to find the solution to install self assigned SSL certificates on IIS so I am writing this down for posterity.


In many cases it is desirable to create your own SSL certificate when working with IIS.

For example when developing/testing SSL secure web sites, when using a custom web application in a local intranet or for a closed  group of users to name a few.


It should have been easy to create your own SSL cert and instruct IIS to use it.

Microsoft delivered a tool to do just that. It was a part of the IIS 6.0 Resource Kit and it was called SelfSSL. But alas because of a bug in the SelfSSL tool you will run into problems if you try to use multiple certificates on a server.


Apparently Microsoft decided not to release a patch for the resource kit but instead released another tool that can be used to create self SSL certificates called SSL Diagnostics.


The tool is very easy to use. There is a nice tutorial on how to use the SSL Diagnostics tool to create an SSL certificate by Revindex.


Another option you might want to explore is using the open source alternative called OpenSSL. There is a nice tutorial on how to use OpenSSL with IIS by Dylan Beattie.


Best of luck!


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